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Why do the leading hose assembly operations choose CrimpCloud®?

Let's take a look at some of the key features and capabilities of our
cloud-based hose assembly solution.


Improve your operation and your team productivity. Equipment utilization, reporting, resource planning, in depth training, VIP support and more.


Monitor production data in real time. Get your crimped fitting and hose assembly usage data to manage your business metrics easily and efficiently.


Track machine performance and maintenance schedules. Receive over-the-air crimp specifications and software updates to maintain superior quality.

Let's Take a Deeper Dive

Heatmaps and graphs

Determine your peaks and valleys using our heatmap tool, so that you can manage staff and inventory appropriately.

Line graphs help determine weekly, monthly, and even yearly flows in your business.

Pie charts help determine the key ratios in product spread or customer demand.

Create reports

Monitor your production data in real time. Which hoses and fittings are customers demanding?

Your equipment is an investment. Know which machines and facilities are most productive.

Operator performance data helps you find and grow your top talent.

Improve productivity

Training videos, engineering lead webinars, and equipment documentation provides a library to improve your team.

CrimpCloud customers receive priority equipment support, minimizing machine downtime.

Update your crimp specifications wirelessly, ensuring they are always up-to-date.

CrimpCloud subscribers have access to training tablets, allowing your staff to train without the need of a crimper.

Safety first

Crimp specifications, settings, operator accounts, and more are backed up safely and securely with CrimpCloud.

Data stored in CrimpCloud is encrypted, and protected with industry-leading security practices.


Your business is growing, and so are we.

We're always looking for new ways to help you grow. Coming soon, Conti+ Go will be a simple and easy hose assembly lifecycle tracking solution, with tight integration into CrimpIQ.

CrimpCloud powers over-the-air software enhancements to your CrimpIQ controller. Our latest release,, provides support for Spanish language, pressure measurements in BAR, added new training videos, and added many minor performance improvements.


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Investing in the future.

Successful hose assembly facilities, large and small, are upgrading to CrimpCloud. Here's why these teams are investing in CrimpIQ crimpers, powered by CrimpCloud.

It really blew us away. The training curve was very fast and easy to understand. Our assembly team embraced it immediately. It captures historical data, which covers us in the event there is some sort of accident or failure. That's a peace of mind, not just for us, but for our mutual customers alike.

Everything is right there at your fingertips. It's definitely pushing for the future. If you have a problem, there's an option on this crimper where you can take a screen shot and send it right to them. Someone is on it right there. They walk you through the options and what it could be. It's just been a lot of help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions about CrimpCloud.

How does CrimpCloud work?

CrimpCloud is a service that connects with CrimpIQ crimp controller powered crimpers, to provide usage data, service informatio, and much more.

Do I need to download an app to use CrimpCloud?

CrimpCloud works entirely through your web browser. You can use a PC or Mac, Android phone or iPhone, Chromebook, or any other device with an internet connection.

Who runs CrimpCloud?

CrimpCloud has been developed to provide you with first-class digital crimping solutions that have been created by Continental Industry. For more information, visit our website.

Can CrimpCloud be used with any crimper?

CrimpCloud is only compatible with a CrimpIQ powered smart crimper. For some crimper models, a retrofit kit is available. For more information on the retrofit kit or a new CrimpIQ controlled crimpers, please contact your Continental hose sale representative.

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